Friday, 25 April 2014

Pretty Pink Review

I've been wanting to try some new products for a while, so whilst on my break at work I thought I would pick up some bits that my friends have been recommending! 

 Cocoa Brown Fake Tan | Superdrug | £7.99

I've been reading various reviews on this product and decided it was time to try a new fake tan. I've tried most of the high street brands and haven't been blown away by many, I only use the products which are moisturisers that develop over a few hours to avoid turning into an oompa loompa. Created by Marissa Carter whilst on maternity leave it has been a huge success and at £7.99 it's good value!
Despite reading reviews I was a bit dubious if the product would really work, so after getting in after a long shift I decided to give it a go and leave it on for the rest of the evening to develop. I noticed a difference as soon as I had applied the tan and sure enough as the evening went on I looked like I had been to Spain for a week! After leaving the tan on for four hours I took a shower and I do have to say it was very even. The only downfall I would say about this product is that you have to work quickly with it - this being said I ended up with mousse sat on my bathroom door and mirror from pulling out fast manuvas with the tan and mitt! On the bottle it states that it lasts for 5-7 days which, again I wasn't sure if it would but when one of my friends came over and commented how brown I was, I was secretly patting myself on the back for deciding to invest!

V05 Plump it up | Boots |£3.79

After watching Hair on BBC Three I decided I wanted to try some new dos with my locks! As I'm sure most people watching the program will agree! At the moment my hairs pretty much all one length and I usually only back comb it when I go out to ensure I don't damage it too much, so finding good products to help me achieve new style without damaging my hair is a must! As I'm fairly new to experimenting with such products, I ended up staring blankly at the shelves in Boots trying to decide what I should get. Then by the till there was a clearance section which I found this for £1.50 as it had no lid. I pondered over the product for a while asking my friends advice what he thought - god knows why he is a man with short hair...when a lady advised me to try it, so I bit the bullet and headed for the till! I've only tried it a few times and so far so good, it smells nice, holds well and seems like I will get a lot of use out of it, but I'm not sure it beats the umberto giannini back comb in a bottle just yet!

1000  Kisses, Rimmel | Boots | £5.99 | 140 Faithful Rose

I've been dying to try some of these lip stains for ages! My friend at work bought some of these and they looked good and lasted all night, so I thought it was time to try one! First up I love the fact this has a lip balm too, I suffer with dry lips as soon as I've applied lipstick so this is a great way to ensure this doesn't happen. The colour stays on all day, the first time I used it I only had to apply it once after maybe one or two (more like five) drinks and pizza - so this was good! The only downfall I would say with this product it that by looking at the packaging, it looked like a pale pink and it was actually a rather deep pink so I would definitely highly recommend trying this out in the shop unlike myself!
So that is all of the new beauty products that I have recently purchased, have you tried any of these, what are your thoughts?

ta ta for now x

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